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What Our Clients Say

I’ve had the privilege of working with Ed Lowry for little more than 6 years now and in that time I have known Ed to be a well-grounded and down to earth HR business professional. Ed’s creative thinking, expertise, positive can-do attitude and drive as a HR business consultant has made him an absolute pleasure to work with.

Ed was a fantastic resource and guide when facilitating my personal career change back in 2011. Ed went above and beyond in providing exceptional service and support throughout that time. Since then, I have consulted with Ed on several hiring decisions and general HR related business situations. Each time, Ed has continued to show genuine integrity and respect as a true professional. I strongly recommend Ed to anyone looking for career counseling or general HR business advice.

Jim C.Sr. Sales Director

I engaged Ed to assist in updating my resume, drafting a cover letter, and coaching for interviews. Thanks to Ed’s knowledge and expertise in his field, expectations were exceeded with delivery of a professional resume, resulting in a successful interview and an offer letter from a new employer within two weeks. I would, and have, recommended Ed for any HR consulting needs you may have.

Lori B.Contracts Coordinator

I have had the opportunity to work with Ed in several capacities. Ed is a professional consultant that I highly recommend. Ed has helped guide me through several human resource challenges in a large corporate environment. I have always trusted his guidance and his feedback. Ed took every opportunity to coach me in handling decisions in a prompt, ethical and legal manner. Ed has a unique ability to uncover all of the facts to make the right decision. Every time I was fortunate enough to work with Ed, I walked away knowing the situation was handled correctly for all parties involved.

Tom P.PFP Product Specialist

Ed worked with me to reconfigure my resume. He was open to speaking about what I was looking to achieve in my job search, where I wanted to head in my career and provided some great suggestions for resources and job possibilities. When helping me with my resume, Ed provided inside knowledge about vocabulary and resume presentation that helped me penetrate through copmany applicant tracking systems. He also followed up with me weeks later to pass along a job postings he thought was relevant to my search.

Amy M.Marketing Communications and Graphic Design

Several years ago when Ed and I worked together, I reached out to him for clarification about several aspects of company policy and HR law. Not only was Ed extremely knowledgeable about all areas of my situation, but he was a true HR leader in our organization regarding employee relations and engagement, staffing, recruiting, and talent management. He was well liked and respected by staff and management for his vision and commitment.

Since then, Ed has continued to expand his expertise, and more recently I leveraged his knowledge about coaching and strategic career development. He provided valuable perspective and targeted steps to help me clarify and achieve professional goals. I highly recommend Ed to anyone looking for either a new opportunity in the same organization, or a more significant transition in industry and/or job role.

Grant W.Business Analyst

Ed Lowry is one of the most competent and thorough HR and Recruiting professionals that I have had the pleasure to work with. As a trusted partner, Ed focused on solutions to my recruiting needs and was able to provide first rate candidates where other recruiters failed. Ed’s ability to identify sources for strong talent and willingness to explore new avenues enabled me to sustain and grow my talent. I can think of no one better able to support any organizations recruiting needs and I would welcome the opportunity to work with Ed again in the Future.

Dave H.Sales Manager

Ed was one of my former managers. He is a strategic leader always seeking for opportunities to better our recruiting and talent management process. He collaborated with the entire team to assure that any changes made would benefit the department, as well as the organization. Ed will be an great asset to any organization.

Deborah A.Employment Manager

Ed is a true HR partner. His diligence was key to keeping my department properly staffed and compliant. Always available, approachable, professional, and proactive, Ed helped me be more successful.

David H., Ph.D.Director of Global Business Operations

I worked in support of Ed and his recruiting efforts to grow a strong sales force. During my time with Ed, I have found him to be someone that can really think outside the box to develop a strong recruiting and talent management plan that is focused on not just quantity but quality. His innovative thinking not only reduced the time to fill, but also had a marked increase in retention and sales performance of new hires.

Andrew B.Business Talent Channel Lead

I previously reported to Ed; it was a joy to work with and for him. He is professional, yet approachable. He takes a special interest in his employees and challenges them to ensure their success. He is knowledgeable, and takes reasonable risks to heighten performance.

Debinique W.B.HR Manager

Ed is a very creative, resourceful, and driven individual. He demonstrates a passion for Human Resources and strives to be the best in everything he does while caring for the organization and its employees.

Earl F.Vice President of HR

I have collaborated with Ed for many years recruiting and managing talent with all levels of professionals. With HR being the first step in the hiring process, it is vital that the corporate culture be accurately communicated which is truly his strength. Overall, Ed is professional, enthusiastic and has a positive attitude. I will always welcome the opportunity to assist in creating a great team.

Jeff M.Regional Managing Director

Ed is a very smart and driven HR leader with good instincts about people and their attitudes toward work. Ed always stands behind what he says and always does what he says he will do.

Hermann F.Corporate Purchasing Manager

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