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Elevate HR Consulting offers the following types of career services to individuals: Career Planning & Development; Career Transition; and Employment Coaching & Guidance. In addition, we offer a suite of Career Services related to career coaching that can be coupled with your career management plan or offered as a stand-alone service, including: Resume Development & Marketing; Interview Coaching; and Follow Up Counseling and Resume Revisions.

In today’s world, few people stay with a single job for their entire career. As an alternative, many professionals engage in a mixture of activities: full-time and part-time jobs, consulting, home-based businesses, as well as many entrepreneurial pursuits.

Just like one job does not fit all, career coaching can be tailored to meet your needs. To accommodate different learning styles and budgets, Elevate HR Consulting offers one-on-one career coaching, career counseling, networking opportunities, social media utilization, and wellness coaching.

When people think of career coaching, they sometimes imagine a process that involves tests and assessments — personality profiles, interest inventories, skills assessments. While traditional career coaching was initially established around such formal approaches, effective career management requires a much more resourceful and collaborative approach.

Effective career management involves numerous activities, including clarification of goals, collaborative innovation, strategic searching and networking, resume writing, and interview and communication skills.

Career management often connects related fields such as wellness, stress reduction, time management, and other life skills. This is why career management typically blends with other forms of coaching.

Career Management begins with the identification and clarification of your vision, goals, and objectives. Questions to consider include:

  • What is your ideal vision and goal in your future career move?
  • What does your ideal work-life balance look like?
  • Is your business or current career exciting to you?
  • What do you enjoy about your role?
  • What would you like to be or do?
  • What activities appeal to you?

Perhaps you only have a vague sense of something greater and need assistance digging deeper to identify and gain clarity. Elevate HR Consulting will help you clarify your direction and elevate your potential.

Whether or not assessments are utilized, the first conversation in career coaching should be to identify your desires, visions, goals, and objectives. Through collaborative exercises, we will explore the many opportunities waiting for you. Learn to maximize your talents as you you’re your vision for the future.

It’s a real treat to see the “idea light” come on when a client realizes how many options are available to develop and utilize their talents.

It’s the values and visions that often trigger the creative process in the deepest part of our minds. It is the goal of Elevate HR Consulting to assist clients in clarifying these thoughts and visions at the beginning of our journey.

The BEST athletes in the world utilize a coach. A coach listens with a powerful and fresh perspective that helps you excel at a higher level. Move forward easier and quicker with an experienced career coach who can help you navigate the right path.

A career coach is a catalyst who can help you grow professionally while providing objective feedback, makes requests and assists the client in setting greater and more effective goals, implements new approaches and strategies, and stays focused and on task.

Career coaching is an effective way to develop mastery of the “soft things.” Attention is given to learning to trust your intuition, take action, and improve your communication skills. Career management integrates awareness, feedback, and an action-oriented approach in setting and achieving a goal, collaborating for your success.

Career Coaches are often capable of supporting their clients in finding suitable placements/ jobs, in working out conflicts with their employers, or finding the support of other helpful services.

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