Talent Management and Acquisition

Assess the current structure of your organization and review reporting relationships, roles and responsibilities, reward systems, information systems, and organizational culture. We will help you align the elements of the organizational system with the strategic talent direction and strategies of the organization.

Preparing for personnel changes is the best way to plan for future success. You may experience unforeseen vacancies or find it necessary to respond to changing business needs. We will work with you to assess where your organization is today and what your leadership needs will be for the future. We’ll consult with you to develop plans that ensure key positions are filled by highly qualified candidates.

We’ll help you develop and implement a recruitment, selection and onboarding process to build and maintain a workforce that will exceed your expectations. We will work with you to:

  • Acquire talent to support temporary, contract, and direct placement recruiting initiatives
  • Design a recruitment and selection strategy
  • Implement a compensation philosophy and strategy
  • Analyze market compensation trends of each of your jobs relative to the industry and location
  • Develop interviewing and selection skills
  • Ensure compliance with federal and state mandates
  • Design an orientation or onboarding process to accelerate productivity and commitment
  • Draft and post job descriptions
    • Elevate HR Consulting will write custom job descriptions that provide clear boundaries and requirements in the areas of knowledge, skills, and abilities. We work with you to develop solid job descriptions based on your own business needs while observing the current legislative landscape. Don’t take any chances; shore up your job descriptions as a best practice and to avoid grievances. Use the Contact Request Form to let us know your needs and receive a free quote today.
  • Interview Guides and Training
  • Legal and Effective Interviewing – A primary tool in effective employee selection is the interview. The Uniform Guidelines on Selection require that interviews be both valid and reliable. Sound management requires that the interview be a useful indicator of future success. Participants are trained in Behavioral Interviewing, shown to be a very valuable method of identifying successful candidates.  Legal issues related to the interview and hiring process can put a company at risk. Elevate HR Consulting can assist you with the development and implementation of uniform standards that are to be applied across the organization. Make sure that your organization follows the latest standards of practice by completing the request form below to receive your free details today.
  • Human Capital Planning through Succession Readiness
  • Workforce Forecasting and Benchmarking
  • Career Path and Planning
  • Employee Engagement & Recognition
    • Employee of the Month/Quarter/Year
  • Business Excellence Awards
  • Employee Newsletters
  • Preliminary Screening & Interviewing
  • Applicant Tracking Implementation & Updates
  • Employment Reference Checks
  • Offer Letters
  • Organizational Development
  • Job Fairs
  • Employee Referral Programs

Are you looking to add human capital to your existing organization? Elevate HR Consulting can help you successfully recruit the right people. We place individuals in all industries and have the recruiting power to find the right person for the job.

The screening process includes an initial interview, resume validation, reference checks, background/drug test (per client request), and final interview. Let us help you select quality candidates who exceed your expectations!

Our recruiting team will respond to you quickly with viable candidates using our vast database of skilled individuals. Timely quality checks are included in our recruiting services to verify how the employee is fitting into your organization both technically and culturally.

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