Outsourced HR Options
If one of your HR team members goes on an extended vacation, leave of absence, or leaves employment, who covers their responsibilities? Elevate HR Consulting can provide human capital on an interim basis to support your HR needs.

Many small employers depend on the office manager, controller/CFO, or even the CEO to be responsible for HR functions. They may even have people in the organization to help administer the benefits and deal with employee issues as they arise. This is often not a core competency for those roles and innocent mistakes can be made, which can cost the company in productivity and loss of revenue. Is this your current situation?

Executives and managers of employees need an HR advisor to act as a sounding board, researcher, and source of information when confronted with difficult decisions regarding employee issues. Elevate HR Consulting provides this type of advisement.

For example let’s say that you have an employee that you know you need to terminate but it is a female employee and she is pregnant. Sound like trouble waiting to happen? What would you do? Who do you depend on for good counsel when issues arise that require a carefully thought out decision? The attorney? An outside consultant? The Internet? While that may work, is it the best and most cost effective way?

Elevate HR Consulting provides services that are customizable and scalable to fit your specific needs. We have three basic levels of service with monthly agreements. Offering levels include:

Unlimited phone/email support
Updates on industry practices and legislative issues that are specific to your business
Initial employee handbook review to bring it up to date with current legislation
Initial compliance review to confirm or uncover any current issues as well as the expertise to get them corrected
On-site support and management of human resources

Daily HR responsibilities
Employee support
Employee relations investigations
Collaboration with leadership and guidance on sensitive HR issues for which onsite objectively may be compromised

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