Employment Law Training for Managers

Most supervisors and managers receive little training in the multitude of employment and labor laws they have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, it is these same supervisors and managers who are the company’s first line of defense against lawsuits. Elevate HR Consulting offers an employment-law seminar that will familiarize your management team with the regulations and provide methods for avoiding employee lawsuits. It is better to be prepared than caught off guard. Make sure your supervisors and managers know what they should to defend your organization! Complete the request form to receive your no obligation quote today.

Trainings available include:

  • Addressing Poor Performance
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Involuntary Terminations / RIF’s
  • Compensation Philosophy & Planning
  • Employee compensation practices and process review
  • HRIS/ATS/Payroll Selection & Implementation
  • On-boarding & New Employee Orientation
  • Exit Interviews
  • Staff Reductions & Layoffs
  • Career Transition & Outplacement services
    • Elevate can help your company with providing personable one on one Outplacement Services. This can be an uneasy time. Our team will treat each person with dignity and respect and do everything possible to place them in another opportunity.

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