Employee Development

Teamwork has the power to propel a company forward or delay growth. Elevate HR Consulting can help you engage the work group or team to identify strengths and opportunities. We will facilitate action planning to build and sustain effective relationships, work processes, and momentum toward organizational goals.

Most managers receive little training in the multitude of employment and labor laws they have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, it is these same supervisors and managers who are the company’s first line of defense against lawsuits. Elevate HR Consulting offers an employment-law seminar that will familiarize your management team with the regulations and provide methods for avoiding employee lawsuits. It is better to be prepared than caught off guard. Make sure your managers know what they should to defend your organization!

Consultations may include:

  • Conduct a “Needs Analysis” by collecting data to gain clear understanding of dynamics and identify opportunities
  • Consultation with leaders to define issues within and between work groups to determine appropriate training needs
  • Facilitate feedback sessions to discuss identified issues, and propose the appropriate learning and action planning sessions to address issues for development
  • Collaborate with leadership to determine the cost of identified solutions and implementation
  • Follow up to evaluate progress and results

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