Employee Relations Guidance for Better Productivity

Strong leadership is essential to the health of your entire organization. Employees can be your greatest asset, but also your greatest liability. Company culture impacts relationships at work. We are here to help you create a culture that is elicits positive and productive relationships. Let Elevate be your trusted advisor on federal, state and local regulations, and balance employee rights and needs with achievement of strategic goals. We provide:

    • Consultation and investigation of workplace harassment and other grievance issues
    • Consultation regarding documentation and record-keeping
    • Employee relations practices and process review
    • Advice and support for supervisors to resolve employee performance and disciplinary issues
    • Basic advice related to compliance with employment law
    • Resources/recommendations to help employees deal with issues outside of work
    • Employee & Management Coaching & Counseling Function

Coaching and Counseling – Few managers or supervisors have been trained in coaching and counseling their employees in order to empower them to reach their full potential within the organization. Elevate HR Consulting provides training for managers and supervisors with the tools to make them effective coaches and counselors. Since a great working environment is fostered by employees, managers and leaders leaning on and learning from each other, making sure they have the skills necessary to promote company culture is key to the success of the organization.

We provide individual and supervisor coaching, as well as coaching for executives. We can develop strategies to help improve leadership performance, such as training in dealing with performance issues, employment law, coaching, conflict management and conducting performance appraisals. We consult with you or facilitate activities to increase the capabilities of those in management and leadership positions. This can include developing knowledge or skills in communication, delegation, influence, managing a diverse workforce and leading change.

Elevate HR Consulting provides the following types of services to clients:

    • Discipline and termination guidance, including termination scenarios and leadership coaching
    • Executive compensation planning
    • Executive interviews and qualification
    • Job restructuring, development of job descriptions for management and executive teams
    • Advisement in contentious and legally charged terminations
    • Employment practices and process review
    • Transition management and outplacement services

Mediation / Dispute Resolution – an alternative to traditional grievance and potential litigation process that provide an opportunity for the parties to discuss their issues, clear-up misunderstandings, identify separate and mutual interests, and find areas of agreements and resolutions.  Benefits include:

    • Fair and effective form of dispute resolution
    • Process that allows the parties to maintain greater control over the development of agreements and resolutions
    • Compliance with agreements is often higher than with externally imposed decisions
    • Confidential process unless the parties mutually decide otherwise
    • Fosters understanding and cooperation often resulting in improved relationships

Do you need a trusted advisor who can walk you through a challenge, prepare you for the future, or provide you with the “RIGHT” HR guidance to meet your business productivity goals?  Let us partner with you to get the job done. Our services are affordable, and ensuring sound HR business practices is priceless.

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