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29341488_sElevate HR Consulting is a professional human resources solutions organization serving startups, small and medium-sized organizations, and individuals in need of career consulting. We offer guidance in a way that works for your business with personalized employee and executive career coaching, and outplacement services for individual clients. Elevate your potential!

All businesses should have access to the same quality and effective HR guidance as large corporations. Elevate is passionate about helping smaller companies and individuals do more with less. Let us help you raise your competitive advantage!

Business dealElevate HR Consulting provides affordable and efficient services to support our clients in achieving their goals. We help our clients ensure that their HR practices are current, compliant, efficient, and responsive while considering the complex and ever-changing human resources landscape. Why is this essential to the success of your organization? Because human resources directly impact your most important asset – people.

Our services are designed to improve collaboration, communication, performance, and employee morale while remaining compliant with current employment regulations. We deliver a solution-based plan for our clients.

Let us elevate your business by:

  • Gathering data and analyzing each circumstance to understand your organization’s needs;
  • Developing an action plan with appropriate solutions to identified issues;
  • Delivering prompt answers to questions;
  • Collaborating with leadership to implement changes that will enhance your organization’s success; and
  • Providing excellent customer service with results.

For individual clients, our objective is to assist in your career development so you can acquire the experiences desired to become the career professional you envision.  Through career coaching services, our consultants collaboratively design and deliver optimal, exclusive solutions that align your talent strategy to the ideal career management solutions that support you in reaching your full potential.

By combining this suite of services, we also collaborate with employers to identify quality, top-tier individuals in a timely manner with the goal of becoming a strategic partner.


Elevate HR Consulting is committed to consistent, responsible, and ethical business practices focused on identifying opportunities for professional growth and contributing to your success or the successful performance of your organization. Uncompromising integrity, strong character, and mutual respect are at the foundation of all partnerships and solution offerings.

Meet Our Founder

Ed Lowry 3-22-2014With over 15 years of experience in both small and Fortune 1000 companies, Ed Lowry, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, is known in the industry for his expertise in strategic HR, regulatory compliance, career management, and talent management and recruitment. Learn more >>

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